Welcome to Back To Basics Natural Hoof Care. This site is intended to help horse owners understand the basic principles of natural hoof and horse care based on the wild horse (from the U.S. Great Basin) model, and its benefits to horses.

I felt that I didn't need to re-invent the wheel with regards to how much information I have added so please see some more in depth sites on my relative links page. My site will always have updates as well which you can check back regularly to keep current.

You will find information on the optimal barefoot trim conducive to supporting a healthy physiologic hoof and its process, as well you will find answers to your questions about de-shoeing in our FAQ section. There is valuable information on the use of horse boots to aid the transition period of horses being shod to being barefoot for life.

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The Canadian Barefoot Horse Association (CBHA) is going to be at the Can-Am All breeds Equine Emporium for the 2nd year - Click Here to read more.

I have added a new testimony on a case with severe quarter cracks more testimonials coming soon.


Introducing the Canadian Barefoot Horse Association - CBHA




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